Does VitalPBX offer support?

Yes, we do have Professional Support Packages available. You can choose between 2, 3, and 5 hours. Your support time does not have an expiration date, so if you purchase 5 hours, and use only 2 hours, you can always use the rest for later.

What can VitalPBX do with the Support Packages?
  • With the support packages you will have direct contact with one of our support engineers. You can then have a remote connection scheduled, have support through our ticketing system, request a web meeting, or share special credentials so they can perform the support directly to the system.
  • If you require initial configurations and initial setup of the system, this can also be done through the Professional Support Packages.
Is the support system 24/7?

Currently no, we offer an 8/5 basis. So from 9:00 to 17:00 Monday – Friday, US Central Standard Time. But you can always report to us through the ticketing system or by email and we will respond as soon as possible. And you can always discuss availability with the support engineer.

Let’s Encrypt Certificate does not work

There are two main reasons why Let’s Encrypt might not be working::

1.- Make sure port 80 an 443 is not blocked by the firewall.

2.- If you have installed the GeoFirewall module, do not block the USA, since the let’s Encrypt server needs access to create or renew the certificate and these servers are generally in the USA.

If you cannot enter the interface because the certificate expired and it cannot be renewed, we recommend doing a configuration reset and re-creating the certificate from the interface. For this we use the following command from the console:

vitalpbx –reset-apache-conf

VitXi WebRTC stopped working

If it was working correctly and from one day to the next it stopped registering the users’ extensions, it is likely that the Let’s Encrypt certificate is expired and cannot be renewed.

We recommend you go to topic of:

Let’s Encrypt Certificate does not work